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Why to choice zoom IT?

We understand, that you also struggle for the customer. We believe, that using of modern IT trends can strongly help to your company growth. Whether talking about mobility, cloud, social media, big data, internet of things or utilization of biometry – we will advice to you, how to transform a modern word into a real competitive advantage.



Professionalism is a key value of zoom IT company. We provide a dutiful work we stand up for. Our professional honour is very important for us, thats why we use professional tools to measure your satisfaction with our services.


Our key employees have more then 20 years experiences in IT sector. Our new colleagues also went through a sophisticated competitive examination process and have long-standing experiences. We are pleased, that we are able to help you, which wouldn’t be possible without our experiences.


We enjoy applying a newest trends in the area of effective IT usage. Testing it on ourselves, to make sure, that we offer only tuned, functional, high quality, speed and cost effective solutions to our customers.



Security of your data is primary for us. Regarding our long-time experiences with using a sophisticated hardware and software tools, you don’t need to be worry about it anymore.


We have developed a sophisticated system of backup process and backup monitoring to secure your data. No matter, if you need your data to be stored locally, in a cloud or at geographically separated place, we know, how to realize it to make you sleep well.


We are prompt. If it is possible to solve the problem remotely, we make a commitment to start to solve the problem within 2 hours from your initiation. But our customers could confirm to you, that it usually takes a much shorter time.

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